Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Meet The Brewer - Seren Brewing Co

Also taking place this week, this time on Thursday evening, (14th August) is the ever popular Meet The Brewer session at one of Cardiff's latest craft beer hangouts, The Gravity Station.

Facing the public to explain all about their brews this time is Ali Kocho-Williams of the Seren Brewing Company, a West Wales microbrewery.

As they say on their website:

"Seren Brewing Company is an award-winning nanobrewery on the edge of the Preseli Mountains in North Pembrokeshire. Beers are crafted by an international award-winning brewer on a small scale. This is craft beer made in West Wales – good beer on a small scale with no fancy bells and whistles, just pure ingredients, hard work and distinctive flavours."
So, for an entertaining evening, and who knows a taste or three of some splendid Welsh beers, and top it off with a takeout from The Gravity Station's wide range of bottled craft beers .. get yourself along !

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