Monday, 11 August 2014

Feather and Bone.. Not quite a 3D experience UPDATED

EDIT: We revisited here on Saturday, and a few changes to note

1. The place was freezing! Turn the heating up guys it's not conducive to a good night...
2. Still no US Craft Beer
3. Still no wine list
4. Decor still the same
5. Damp smell improving
6. And this is the biggie I guess, portion sizes have dramatically reduced

My partner went for the half rack of beef ribs, now either this was the world's smallest cow or we were done up like a kipper. It was merely a third of the size of my half rack a few days earlier. Poor poor show. Also overheard discussions about the size of the half racks of pork not being good enough so people got full racks - if they did, these too are smaller.

Both Were Half Racks of Beef Ribs - You be the judge !

The fries were also downsized, which wasn't a problem as the portion size was probably too big before.. But why the changes? 

Only positive, the coleslaw had dressing.

So, I'm not sure this visit was all that special, the air of the place didn't seem to me like somewhere in this for the long haul... Just my opinion but it doesn't shout longevity to me in any sense. I hope I'm wrong.

So.. A mixed bag but we are probably down to a Double D at least.. And I don't mean cup size! 


So I’d seen a few tweets and there was a bit of a buzz about a new venue in Cardiff… I was in Cardiff… having a few beers at the brand new Brewdog Cardiff. Of which more later…

Thus came my introduction to the Feather & Bone Bar and Grill – self-styled home of slow and low ribs and buttermilk fried chicken. I needed to eat, I was on Westgate Street, let’s give it a go.

I must say it’s a good thing I don’t do first impressions – as it wasn’t good. An empty venue, a slight damp smell, quite clearly the refurb hadn’t been completed and the staff almost outnumbered the customers – and there weren’t that many of either!

So the extremely pleasant waitress showed us to a table – not sure if the style is meant to be semi weathered but that’s what it was and left us with the menus – which offered good southern style fare.

Now this is a drinks blog first and foremost so let’s get the bad points out of the way first.

I ordered a draught beer. A Boston Red as the menu suggested. They didn’t have any. No, they didn’t have ANY draught beer whatsoever. OK. So I asked for a wine list, they didn’t have one. The barman started reciting grapes to me – I wasn’t impressed. He eventually brought me across every bottle of red they had to choose from – a nice gesture, but get a list guys (oh and some draught beer might be nice).

My partner had a Metropolitan cocktail – or two to be precise as it was 2-for-1 at the time – and this certainly was a cocktail with a kick!

So the drinks offerings can only get better – and a reason to return I guess.

We ordered the food – my partner went for the buttermilk chicken – and I went for the half rack of beef ribs – which are apparently dry rubbed and cooked for five hours and smothered in secret recipe sauce.

The food arrived and I wondered if we had ordered for four people! The portions are certainly fat boy friendly which pleased me no end – and if I’m truly honest, the amount of fries was a bit much even for my tremendous appetite. The ribs were plentiful, meaty, slow cooked, smoky, tasty and wonderful. They weren’t smothered in anything, which I was actually thankful for, as I hate that. The slaw was more of a sliced veg as there was literally no dressing or mayo on it, but it was pleasant enough. And the ribs were superb. Well cooked, beautifully spiced and seasoned, and all in all left me thinking I needed to come back here again and again. The fries were abundant, crisp and golden and pretty damn good. All in all a winner.

My partner’s chicken was equally gargantuan and impressive. Four pieces, two breast and two leg, of moist, tasty, spicy, crispy fried chicken (I know, I shared them!)  and the same perfect fries and dry slaw…. This was some of the best fried chicken I’ve had in a while so it was pretty damn good.

And the best part of the deal - well the prices. This place has picked a price point that is both competitive and great value when combined with the portion sizes.

The food weighed in at almost fast food prices and certainly was excellent value for money at £20 for both meals. Added to the drinks at special offer prices before 7.30 and this place is a competitive addition to the Cardiff foodie scene – even if it’s yet to make an impression with it’s drinks offerings!

I for one will be back and I know that, the service will be excellent, the prices good, the portions generous and the food hitting the spot – now sort out the d├ęcor, the damp, and the drinks and the 3D experience will be complete.

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