Friday, 13 January 2012

Project Venus 4

Earlier this week, the Huffington Post ran an article entitled 'Where are all the Women Brewers ?' - well I can tell Jane Peyton that tomorrow, a fair chunk of them from the UK and Ireland will be in Wigan at the Prospect Brewery undertaking the fourth brew of Project Venus.

Among them will be our own Sue Hayward from the Waen Brewery in Mid Wales, who is one of the driving forces behind Project Venus and will be off to Wigan tomorrow to take part in the fourth brew day.

Inspired by the Pink Boots Society in America. This project aims to promote women in the UK brewing industry by collaborative brewing.

Involved in the project are Sue Hayward (Waen Brewery), Sara Barton (Brewsters), Sara Carter (Triple fff), Kathy Britton (Oldershaws), Patsy Slevin (Prospect), Michelle Haylock Kelsell,(Offbeat), Jennifer Nicholls, (Northcote), Sophie De Ronde (Brentwood), Grainne Walsh (Metalman), Angela Wurges (Zero Degrees), Tracy Brown (Molson Coors), Janine Shorrock (Ashover), Pene Coles (Sandstone/Jolly Brewer), Claire Monk (Kelham Island), Catherine Bate (Flowerpots), and Nicola Hughes (Happy Valley).

Project Venus UK and Eire was originally the idea of Sara Barton at Brewster's Brewery, to raise the profile of female brewers (Brewsters) in the brewing industry using collaborative brewing.  Each brew recipe is decided amongst the brewsters (usually using Facebook and twitter!). 

The early brew days consisted of 5 or 6 brewsters brewing a beer at one of the breweries, the first one being at Brewster's Brewery, the second at Oldershaws and the third at Triple fff.  The 4th is happening tomorrow (Saturday 14th January 2012) at Prospect Brewery, home of Brewster Patsy Slevin.  

In a short time the numbers of Brewsters involved has grown to more than 16 members including one from international brewers Molson Coors, Tracy Brown, who will be attending the brew day tomorrow. Tracy has had to have a sense of humour to cope with the friendly banter from Project Venus watchers who are wondering if us craft brewers will be able to teach Molson Coors a bit about 'flavours'!  

Launches of each beer are usually held near to the brewery used to host the brew but two London launches have also taken place at the 'The Rake'.  The last brew went National, appearing as an Ember Inns promotion.

2012 looks like being a big year for Project Venus with a possible BBC2 appearance coming up in the spring and lots of brew days and launches planned.  Who knows, there could even be a 'Project Venus Bar' at the Great British Beer Festival one day!   Lets get the word out that women brew great beer!! 

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