Thursday, 6 October 2011

Drinks Summit - Were you there ??

So the Welsh Government held a drinks summit in Aberystwyth last week....

According to their press release:

Drinks industry comes together to discuss future opportunities

Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Alun Davies has hosted a summit for representatives of the drinks industry in Wales to find ways for producers to work together to capitalise on future opportunities.

Representatives of drinks companies including The Welsh Whisky Company, The Welsh Perry and Cider Society and the Association of Welsh Independent Brewers gathered in Aberystwyth to exchange best practice in fields such as marketing, supplying pubs and restaurants, exporting and working with other similar producers. 

A range of key speakers will outline the issues and opportunities for the sector.

This is the first summit organised for the industry by the Welsh Government and it is hoped that more meetings will be held in future.

Speaking at the event the Deputy Minister said:
“The Welsh drinks industry has many success stories and there are plenty of opportunities for future growth. We want to ensure that we have even more successful drinks producers in Wales so I hope the summit will prove to be the catalyst for the industry to learn from each other and to find ways in which it can come together to address the key issues and to drive the development of a strong drinks sector.”

Now apart from the confusion over tenses - some seem to have been written before the event, some after (!) I wondered who was actually there ? What was discussed ? Will there be an official report of the proceedings ? And how was the guest list drawn up by officials ?

Can anyone enlighten me ? I am keen to know.....


  1. Did have an invite myself but the apples were dropping so had some cidermaking to do. Besides Aberystwyth is not the easiest place to get to.

  2. Do you know who else was invited ? What they talked about ? What the outcomes were ? Will there be any action ?